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Sunday, August 23, 2009


Another restaurant I often notice is a place called Waffle Square. In true Sunday Breakfast tradition I stopped today at the 2107 Fulton Avenue location.

Keep in mind this is Waffle Square, not Country Waffles...

My first impression was it what a clean place. It was around 8:30 & the restaurant was not too full. I was seated in a booth by a window ( I've been on a roll lately) My server, was polite & brought me some hot coffee.

Gazing at the menu I noticed most everything was very close to the $10.00 range. No Grand Slam prices here folks. One thing I did notice when I walked in was the "Specials" board. One of the specials was country fried steak with gravy, 2 eggs, hash browns & toast for just $6.99.

Not bad, not bad at all. This is what I ordered. It was to say the least a big Sunday breakfast. Right now as I'm writing this it's nearly 1:00PM & I'm still not hungry.

One thing that was interesting at Waffle Square was the diverse crowd. All ages & types of people were there.

There was even one gal there with Bright Pink hair. That's right, Pink hair. What can I say, I enjoyed it.

Everyone in the restaurant was checking her out. It had to have been a wig. Even my server made a comment about it.

Getting back to breakfast, it was an excellent meal. Everything was cooked to perfection.

My tab for this big breakfast was $9.43. Worth every penny.

Will I stop at Waffle Square again? Hell yeah!

I give Waffle Square 3 out of 4 Sunday Breakfast Stars.
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