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Sunday, September 20, 2009


Mimi's cafe has been on my "to do" list for quite sometime. Every time I went by the restaurant located at 2029 Alta Arden Expressway it's been jam packed. The parking lot is always filled to the max. This morning lady luck was with me. It was around 8:00AM when I pulled up to Mimi's getting a killer parking spot.

As I entered the restaurant I was greeted with a smile & escorted through the restaurant to the far corner. No window seat today! Oh well, it's Sunday & it gave me a chance to notice just how clean the place was. Very clean with fancy carpet. Apparently it's the New Orleans look. Since I've never been to New Orleans I can't give you an opinion other than the place was super clean.

Along came my server & as usual I asked for coffee & a glass of water. It was the first time I had a server as me if I wanted Orange Juice.

Gazing at the vast menu I decided on 2 eggs over easy, red potatoes & link sausage. This particular meal came with a muffin. I don't eat muffins. So I asked for sourdough toast. This was not a problem. The meal also included fresh orange juice.

Within 5 minutes my meal arrived complete with sourdough toast. Lot's of toast, not just one slice like I got over at Roxy.

The eggs were a little sloppy but I didn't care. I must say it was a fantastic meal. The red potatoes were a fresh change & the sausage was tasty. The coffee was very good.

Hell, I even drank my orange juice & it was great. Usually I never drink orange juice.

The total for my meal was $10.42. It was worth every penny. I left my server $14.00cash. Hopefully that was OK with her.

I left Mimi's very satisfied.

Would I go back? Yes, in a heartbeat.

I give Mimi's Cafe 3 out of 4 stars.

Good job Mimi's...

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