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Sunday, September 6, 2009


Several weeks ago I stopped by Roxy Restaurant & Bar for a drink. Roxy is located at 2381 Fair Oaks Blvd. This morning I had breakfast there.

As I approached the entrance, one of the employees greeted me with a smile. I asked about the breakfast menu.

By the way, Roxy has recently started to offer breakfast. With that being said, the employee told me they have bacon & eggs, eggs Benedict & told me about the chicken fried steak special.

Chicken fried steak sounded good.

I walked through the front door & was greeted by the host. He was a young man in his 20's. I got this vibe off of him like I didn't belong there. Like I couldn't afford to eat there.

I was dressed in a t shirt & sweats so I let it go. He was just a kid.

He kindly seated me near a window as I had requested.

He gave me a menu & in true Sunday tradition I asked for coffee & a glass of water.

Then came my server to take my order. I had mentioned the chicken fried steak special. He said it was $12.00 & it was actually cube steak. Chicken fried steak, cube steak, country fired steak... What the hell, I'll take the special.

The special consisted of this mystery cube steak, country fried with a special gravy, 2 eggs, a potato pancake & sourdough toast.

They coffee was excellent. They brought me my water in a large glass bottle. The napkins were white linen.

This should be an excellent meal.

Roxy is a beautiful restaurant. It has this upscale Cowboy ambiance. I never thought Cowboy's were hoity toity, guess I was wrong. There was country music playing in the background.

Let me say the place is very presentable. The employees are top notch.

Then my breakfast arrived.

It was on a huge plate. There wasn't that much on it. I got one slice of sour dough toast. My cup of coffee was like $2.95.

Oh well, it's Sunday right?

They brought me a black handle steak knife that looked like a switch blade.

I needed it because my cube steak had to have been one of the toughest pieces of meat I had ever cut into. I just couldn't believe it. Tough as nails. I didn't say anything, I just sawed on it like a piece of lumber. I was hungry.

To top that off when I put a piece in my mouth it was scalding hot. Like it had been cooked on the face of the Sun. The same with my potato pancake, scalding like the depths of hell.

Nice huh? At least there was no complaining about cold food. The eggs were good & the sourdough toast was good. The jelly they had brought me had absolutely no taste to it.

I was kind of disappointed in the whole meal.

Don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful place & the employees were top notch.

My Sunday breakfast cost me $16.25 plus the tip. (The server did an excellent job so I did give a nice tip)

Will I go there again? Yes, but just for a beer.

I give Roxy 1 1/2 stars.

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Eileen said...

I've only been there for dinner and while it's nice, it's nothing special. It could be a really top notch restaurant but the food just doesn't hit that mark. Won't go there for breakfast any time soon.