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Monday, October 5, 2009


I just got back from Beach Hut Deli. Beach Hut Deli is located at 510 La Sierra Drive in the Arden Arcade area. The best way to describe the location is Watt & Fair Oaks Blvd. It's directly behind the AM/PM Mini mart. With all of the terrible parking aside, I entered the Beach Hut Deli.

Let me say that it's not just a Deli, it's an experience. As I am typing this I am throwing away my takeout menu from the place. I seriously doubt if I will ever return.

As I entered the Bamboo covered place I walked up to the counter. The counter was so tall I had to crane my neck back in order to see the menu items on the wall. WTF? This was really customer unfriendly. I guess this is to slow down anyone trying to jump the counter & rob the place.

I ordered a Hot Pastrami Sandwich & a small Pepsi. If you want they will put a ton of stuff on your sandwich. Like, sprouts, peppers & onions, lettuce, pickles, tomatoes, etc. However there was no Rye Bread.

A true Hot Pastrami speaks for itself. Who puts sprouts on a Hot Pastrami anyway? So I got my pastrami with tomatoes & red onion. I asked for Horseradish. They didn't have any.

I just have to ask all my readers: How can you have a Hot Pastrami Sandwich without Horseradish? How can you have a Hot Pastrami Sandwich without Rye Bread?

I sat at a table (which was made from a small surfboard) & waited for my order. After I picked up my sandwich from the 7 foot tall counter I was happy.

It was fresh, with plenty of Pastrami. The place was kind of an upbeat college kid place. Very clean. They served beer there & had a couple of TV's going. There was a couple of video games too.

Reggae music was playing in the background. Despite ordering a small Pepsi they gave me a medium & charge me for a medium.

I don't know, I guess If I were a yuppie or a college kid or perhaps smoked a joint in the parking lot I would have gotten into the vibe of the place.

Also when I picked up my sandwich it was wrapped in Beach Hut Deli paper & placed in a Yellow Frisbee. Was I supposed to keep the Frisbee?

They had a tip jar near the register & I left them a buck. I really don't know what for. I had to fill up my Pepsi & pickup my sandwich myself. I left them a buck out of guilt I guess.

Don't get me wrong it was a good sandwich, fresh & tasty.

The total for my meal was $8.86. A little pricey for a sandwich & a drink. No chips or fries. I did sneak a free refill before I left. I guess that evened things out a bit from the buck I left in the TIP jar.

Will I go back? Probably not, the parking situation is not that great & I really don't like Bob Marley. Just not into it.

Still I will give Beach Hut Deli 2 Stars out of a possible 4.

Have you been to Beach Hut Deli?

Tell me what you think...
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Laila said...

Thanks for the heads up! I hate restaurants like that; I would have been extremely disappointed!

Anonymous said...

How could you not mention the honey's that work there? Man talk about hot !! The food is alright but they have good beer!