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Saturday, November 14, 2009


The title says it all. This morning I walked into Waffle Kings at 2751 Fulton Avenue for some Breakfast. I walked in, looked around & walked back out. I just didn't like the Vibe I was getting about the place. It didn't appear very clean. Don't get me wrong, crystal chandeliers are not one of my dining requirements, but for the love of God, a business owner running a restaurant needs to provide a half way clean environment for their customers. I just couldn't eat there.

I wish Waffle Kings the best of luck.

After walking away, I did a few errands & around 11:00AM I found myself at the Courtyard by Marriott, a large hotel located at 1782 Tribute Way.

Now this is a clean place!

I walked in & decided to sit at the Bar. It was sparkling clean & had a nice plasma TV on. The bartender was polite & professional as I asked for a cup of coffee.

I then asked about getting some breakfast. Well, you have five minutes if you want Breakfast. Five Minutes? Yes, they are gonna close down in five minutes the Bartender said.

Sipping my coffee I grew more confused.

What about lunch I asked? We close for lunch & then we open back up for Dinner.

Well that makes sense. A large Hotel that does not serve lunch.

Breakfast by the way was Buffet Style.

Sorry, I don't do Buffet.

I am not into eating out of chrome troughs.

With that being said, I paid for my coffee & left. I left Hungry!

So today was officially "Hit & Miss" day.

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